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Tree Surgery in Warrington From Brandon's Trained and Experienced Professionals

Brandon's Gardeners are the fully qualified and insured surgeons you need for all your tree surgery in Warrington. Whether you require lopping, tree stump removal, or any kind of tree pruning - this expert team have the skills and specialist equipment you need. So... When do you need your appointment to happen?

Weekday? Weekend? Early morning? No matter what time is best for you, you won't have a problem here. And we work in all weather conditions, so there's no trouble there either. Need to keep trees in trim? Prevent hedges from overgrowing?

Book this one handy service today, on 020 3746 2297, or fill in our online contact form to book us now. You can see a short list of the information we'll need from you before your service can start at the foot of the page.

Book Brandon's Experienced Tree Surgeons in Warrington When You Need:

  • Trees up to 65 feet (20 metres) in height cared for without difficulty
  • All the tree surgeons we have in Warrington are thoroughly trained, highly experienced, and CRB-checked
  • Specialised equipment used every time - ensuring the results you get are of the highest quality
  • No hourly-based service this! You only pay one clear rate for the service you need
  • Appointment available whenever you need one - seven days a week
  • Try an appointment whatever time you need one too! We start at 8:00 am and don't finish until 6:30 pm
  • Weather conditions won't slow down your service - we work in all weathers

Here's How Your Tree Surgery Services Will Happen

Your tree surgery services in Warrington will always begin with an onsite consultation by a team of two experienced tree surgeons. They'll talk to you about your job in detail, and examine the site for themselves.

They'll then be ideally placed to be able to confirm the price that you were initially quoted when you called to book. This price will always be based purely on the work that you need to get done - the size of the crown of the tree, the height, and the results you want to see. There's no general hourly rate where you need to worry about how hard your team are working - they'll stay until your work is done.

Booking the Professional Tree Surgeons You Need

It's quick and easy to make your booking - and you can do so 24 hours a day, any day of the week.

When you speak to one of our advisers, they'll get all of the information your professional tree surgeons will need from you. This includes:

  1. What type of trees you have, their number, and how tall they are
  2. What pruning, cutting, or shaping you need us to do
  3. The level of access we'll have to the trees in question - and if they're in your neighbour's yard, that we have permission
  4. The place you store your green waste before it is collected

And that's everything! Your team will then arrive and get started at the time you've chosen.